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Act Together recently helped my 101 year old mom move from Victoria to Vancouver. They were exceptional! Their Victoria and Vancouver teams were supportive and respectful of my mom throughout. They were impressively organized. Nothing got lost or broken. Their packing and unpacking teams were a wonder! The movers were also remarkably efficient despite having to deal with winter weather and ice. They communicated/collaborated with me extensively and allowed me to focus on making things smooth for my mom. I felt very supported through what was a huge change for her. All practical aspects of the move went seamlessly. And as a final note they even hung the pictures just the way mom wanted.

I would highly recommend this great service and the lovely team who make this all work.

Sandi Witherspoon, Vancouver


Outstanding help on every front including all sorts of things one could never have thought of and meticulous attention to detail. Excellent suggestions and implementation: best possible recommendation.

Philippa Steel, Victoria


We were faced with a short time frame to remove all the personal effects and furniture left behind by our Mother's move to a Residential Care Facility. Act Together did everything as promised and left the suite that management declared was ideal. They also sold some of the furnishings that lowered the overall cost. We could not have been happier to have this burden taken care of. We are so glad that Act Together Moving Services was recommended to us.

Les Currie, Pender Island


I was recently faced with the daunting task of having to quickly downsize my Father from his own residence into an assisted living facility. Complicating matters by living out of province, I didn't have any idea how to tackle the situation. I was luckily referred to Act Together Moving through my dad's new residence and they came with glowing recommendations. Patrick immediately appreciated the problems of having to sort out so many years of memories on my father's behalf and never treated my Dad's things as just "stuff". Patrick and his staff handled everything they touched with as much care as they would have their own belongings.

My father had difficulty adapting to this change and felt especially vulnerable having to move out of his own home and into a newer, smaller place. He was faced with the reality of leaving a lifetime of memories, and objects he had become attached to over the years. Patrick and his team were a life raft in a time of stress. Not only were they extremely organized and professional, but Patrick 's compassion for my father and myself was genuine and his respect for our feelings regarding this change was invaluable.

I highly recommend Act Together Moving. Patrick's compassion, expertise and connections, amazing array of services, efficient packing team, will lead your family to the best outcome at this challenging juncture in life's highway. I cannot thank him enough.

Barbara Wells


Hi Anney,

Thank you for your incredible support during such a challenging time for us. Finding you was truly a gift. Immediately we saw you to be a warm, caring person who presents as a very professional person.

Your many efforts to have my brother's belongings donated to people in need were appreciated. Your connections to a number of agencies made this transition occur with ease. You consistently went above and beyond expectations and your ability to handle those in grief with such thoughtfulness and care will never be forgotten. We look forward to working with you again to support our mother's upcoming move.

You are a special individual Anney. Thank you.

Catherine Hanna


It gives me the greatest pleasure to have an opportunity to testify to the sterling qualities of Patrick Fagan and his company. I moved from Vernon down to Surrey, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the efficient way things were packed and shipped, not one thing was broken or damaged.

If you have a move to make, I would suggest your first move would be to call Pat. I guarantee you will be satisfied.

Arthur R. Kilgour


I engaged your company to help get my recently passed father's condo ready for the real estate market. There was so much stuff and such chaos that the job seemed very overwhelming. Ting Rattigan from Act Together was absolutely wonderful. She sold some furniture to antique shops, she donated all sorts of things to local charities and arranged for them to pick up the stuff, she advised, packed, found money and brought order out of chaos. She is scrupulously honest, works really hard and just knows how to get such a job done. I don't know how we would have managed without her.

Not only was Ting wonderfully efficient but she was a pleasure to work with. She absolutely saved me! Many thanks to Ting and your company for a job well done. I would not hesitate to recommend Act Together to anyone in a moving situation.

Jon Gage
Victoria, BC


I've been thinking so much of you and wanted to get an email off, but have been going great guns at work since I got home from Victoria. You have been amazing and I think anyone who had any contact with us throughout the move, saw that too. Thank you for the tips on moving the china. I am unpacking a few boxes each evening and finding little surprises in there, like a butter dish I remember from childhood that I forgot about.

My parent's place looks unbelievable and their friends have really been impressed on the art hanging and arrangements. Thank you so much. Also, dealing with the boxes your assistant packed is a pleasure. They are always a manageable weight, and are filled just the right amount for stacking. And thank you for clean ing up all the loose ends, like the paperwork. It could easily fall through the cracks, with these businesses that Dad only deals with once a year.

All the best in all your future business ventures Anney. It was a pleasure working with you.

Robin McGuire
Gibsons, BC


Anney provided a service to two elderly clients of mine who were moving from their home of more than twenty years in to a retirement facility. They were both very apprehensive about the move and worried how things would be taken care of. After meeting with Anney it was obvious how much caring and compassion she has for seniors and the challenges a move has for anyone. Anney took care of all the details for my clients and when I visited them a week after the move they could not stop saying what a wonderful person Anney was and that they could have never done this without her. They feel so strongly about Anney's services that they have asked the facility to refer Anney for any new seniors wishing to downsize and move into the facility. I feel very confident in using Anney's services and I am glad to have such a remarkable and dedicated person in my list of service providers to my clients.

Kathy Tough, Owner
Serenity Home Care
Victoria, BC


Just a brief note of gratitude to you regarding your recent work with my Victoria client, Mrs. Z. She was over the moon with delight having you work with her. Well done, Anney! Such stressful circumstances, so much to deal with, in such short order, i.e., all had to be done just before Christmas. My goodness, it could have been a nightmare, but, your constant, quiet persistence, handling all with such grace. You gave Mrs. Z the best support and right help she needed to cope with it all.

What a big job settling her Mother's estate, and moving contents out of Canada! She spoke to me of how respectful you were with her. She said you were 'her angel'. Your calmness, clear thinking, and well organized working in the midst of most stressful, emotional circumstances was more than she could have hoped for. I want you to know what a difference for good you made in her life.

Please accept this letter as my highest recommendation for your work and your company, Act Together Moving Services.

I look forward to working with you again.

Suzanne Bowen
Century 21 Queenswood Realty Ltd
Victoria, BC



I wanted to send you a brief note to let you know that your coordination of my parents move to Parkwood Place was a godsend. I must admit that I was initially skeptical about the need for all your assistance. As it turned out, your help was invaluable. You did an excellent job coordinating the whole move, which involved a lot more than I anticipated.

You were faced with two very anxious elderly clients. You established a warm and caring relationship very quickly, and exhibited impressive understanding and patience with all their concerns. The action plan for the move was thorough, and your follow- through was excellent. The sub-contracted movers, and your assistant, were extremely courteous, friendly, and professional. There were no problems.

Finally, I was impressed with your sense of integrity. You inspired trust and confidence, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any future client.

Thanks again,

John Baines
Richmond, BC


It is my pleasure to offer this testimonial praising the services of Patrick Fagan's Act Together Moving Services. The transition to a (much) smaller residence was a daunting task for my parents and Patrick and his team provided their expertise in a professional and, more importantly, a caring manner. His approach to the move was practical as well as personal. I worked closely with Patrick during the move and he was consistently sensitive to the emotional transition that my parents were experiencing, while offering invaluable advice on how to make the move in an efficient manner.

I was thoroughly impressed with the responsible manner with which Patrick organized the disposal of items that were not being moved. He possesses extensive knowledge of a network of charities and disposal sites and organizations. It was reassuring to know that everything that could be reused would be, and that all hazardous materials were disposed of appropriately.

Patrick's personal approach to a difficult process was instrumental in reducing the emotional strain on everyone involved. He not only efficiently organized a physical move of belongings, but, and almost more importantly, he facilitated the emotional transition that our family was facing.

I recommend Patrick's services to anyone facing a similar situation. He takes care of the endless details and physical tasks involved in a move in a caring and professional manner, thus alleviating some of the stress on the individuals involved, leaving them more time to focus on adapting to the new living situation.

Darren Clever


Recently I moved from my condo to a local retirement residence. As an 80 year old, I realized that preparing for the move and the actual move would be more than I could handle. My family members are very busy with work and children and I did not feel it would be fair to them to burden them with all the responsibilities. At this point I discovered Act Together Moving On Line and realized that they were just what I needed. The retirement home recommended them highly, and I found Patrick and his crew to be every bit as good as they advertised. The move went very well, and I was able to handle it without the usual exhaustion.

Thank you Patrick.

Ruth Emley
Surrey, BC


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